Your Support Team

Everyone at Monroe from deans to staff members is invested in your success. Your support system activates with your application, continues with the intensive First-Year Experience (FYE) program, and follows you to graduation and beyond. We problem-solve. We coach. We motivate.

Your Support System In Action

We’re here to support your transition to college. Academic advising, tutoring, and an exciting student life experience — we’ll make sure you get the resources for success.

Alex Canals, Associate Vice President

Students have easy access to all of us. This allows us to identify and quickly resolve any issues before they become obstacles to success.

Chris Cascio, Academic Dean

At the FYE Academic Center, students find tutoring, academic advising, and administrative support under one roof.

Sandra Polanco, Director

When students complete their first three semesters, they are confident and prepared to transition to our Continuing Student Services Office.

Ted Goldstein, Dean Continuing Students

We work with students so they can overcome obstacles, gain self-confidence and achieve academic and professional goals.

Lillian Parrilla, Admin

Everyone at Monroe greets you with a smile and warm hello and is here to make sure you have what you need to succeed.

Jose Beltrez, Facilities

With a student body in the thousands, we make sure the campus runs smoothly as you run from class to class.