Our People

From the moment you become a Monroe student, you join a tight-knit family where you’re priority #1. From your advisor toprofessors, your classmates to alumni, everyone sees you as an individual with a unique set of goals.

A Diverse Student Body

Students are from across the street and around the world, for bachelor's and advanced degrees.

From Every Walk of Life

From active duty and veterans to teachers and nurses, adult students are on exciting career paths.

And Many Generations

Our students are life-long learners, and both parents and children have found their futures at Monroe.

Who We Are

We're the family that helps each other out, keeps promises, shows pride, shares job.  We are a college at the heart of ambition ready to assist you. 

I don’t have the words to thank everyone who is part of Monroe! 

Erilda Danaj

from Albania

Bachelor's in Computer Networks & Cybersecurity

Our Internal Network

Professors, the staff and the leadership team work together for your success.  Doors are always open while you're a student and after you graduate.

Professors Make You Priority

Our “students first” approach is evident in everything from how we structure our academic programs and calendar to how we choose our professors. Student success starts with energetic, smart, engaging teachers who know how to connect with you and are committed to giving 110 percent.

Mentorship is Key

Mentorship is a big part of life at Monroe, especially during your first three semesters. Mentors are staff and faculty members who become your personal advisor, advocate, coach and cheerleader— whatever you need to overcome challenges, stay focused on studies and graduate.

Supporting your academic and personal success is a cornerstone of the College’s culture.

Karenann Carty

Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Our Leadership is Behind You

Our commitment to you starts at the top with President Marc Jerome. He and the deans lead the drive for excellence in education because it transforms lives.