We Help You Find Your Path

We know that getting from point A to point B isn’t always a straight line. Monroe knows how to assess where you are in your journey to a degree. Wherever you are on that path, we’ll help turn your dream into a reality.  

Higher Ed Your Way

Figure Out Your Career

If you're a high school senior, we’ll help you map your way to a career that matches your interests.

Boost Your Career

If you’re a grad student looking to get ahead, we’ll show you the degree to advance within your current field.

Switch Your Career

When your goals change, you need to change direction. We’ll show you the route to switch careers.

Extend Your Career

Advancing in the work world sometimes takes additional learning. Enhance your skill set with a second degree.

My goals may be lofty, but I’m going to reach them because of the help I’ve received at Monroe.

David Barton

MS Criminal Justice, 2020

It’s Personal

We believe every student is unique. Monroe helps you see your future, no matter where you're coming from and what your goals are. 

Putting Life Experience to Work

Are you an adult with years of life experience? We know college-level learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom. We’ll help you translate your expertise into college credits with a prior learning assessment (PLA).

Life After the Military

Are you a member of the military or a veteran? We have a staff of Military Benefit Specialists, Veterans Admissions Counselors, and a Director of Military Affairs to guide you from the application process to financial aid options.

Monroe helped me push myself further as I transitioned out of the military.

Joshua Kellowan

BS Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, 2020

Making all the Right Moves

Are you a transfer or foreign student who wants the advantage of learning and interning in New York? We'll work with you to make the move to Monroe as seamless as it is exciting.