Studying in
New York

At Monroe you feel the beating heart of New York in every step. Whether on our Bronx Campus or in New Rochelle, you have access to the business center and cultural capital of the greatest city in the world.

New York City becomes your outdooreducational classroom. Be part of experiences that enhance campus learninglike visits to Wall Street, the Apple Store, Salesforce, fantastic restaurants, and museums, and ultimatelyget you closer to your goals.

New York is all about exploring and discovering something new every visit! 

Imani Walker

Bachelor’s in Business Management, 2021

Marching Band

Direct Route to the City that Never Sleeps

Whether you take the subway one block from our Bronx Campus or Metro-North a few stops to Grand Central Station from New Rochelle, New York City is an easy ride to your next adventure, internship, or job interview. 

Internships Abound

The Career Services Internship Program lets you build on academics with work experience related to your major. Because New York is our backyard, opportunities span every profession. An internship may be the very thing that gets your foot in the door for a full time job.

New York City

NYC is a verbal lab
Learn English

Foreign students in the Monroe English Language Learning Institute are immersed in conversational language through cultural experiences.

NYC is a verbal lab

NYC is a Judicial Platform
Argue Your Case

From campus law clubs to legal conferences, you’ll be able to meet members of the New York judiciary, connect with law firms, and hone your leadership skills.

NYC is a Judicial Platform

NYC is a Medical Mecca
Heal those in Need

With the highest concentration of top-ranked hospitals in the country, New York is the ultimate training ground for a career in the health industry.

NYC is a Medical Mecca

NYC is a World of Opportunity
Intern in your Field

New York City is a giant professional resource of 'getting your foot in the door' experiences while studying within your academic program.

NYC is a World of Opportunity

Next Stop

Times Square

This is where you find the big lights! A quick train ride into mid-town Manhattan and the excitement is right in front of your eyes. There is always something going on in the heart of the city.

My NYC internship gave me on-the-job experience I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Destini Harris

School of Business and Accounting, 2019