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35 Famous Accountants to Surprise & Inspire

When you think of an accountant, you probably have a very specific image in your mind about the work. But this list of famous accountants and celebrity accountants will blow that image away! These famous CPAs have either turned their hands to a creative career, increased their wealth ten-fold, or made accounting history.

Early Childhood Education History: Theorists & Theories

Early childhood education has a very long and rich history with invaluable contributions from some of the greatest theorists in child development and education. In fact, several are now household words. All of the contributions from these famous early childhood education theorists had value and still do today. In fact, they helped shaped the educational system as we know it.

20 Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers & Students

Every 39 seconds, there's a cyber attack happening somewhere on the World Wide Web. This is a startling statistic for anyone who has ever logged in online, especially those who fall under the umbrella of remote workers or online students. Monroe College offers these cybersecurity tips to help keep you safe.

Should You Get a Second Master’s Degree?

A second master’s degree—even if in another field entirely—can afford you greater professional opportunities, hold you in higher regard among colleagues and essentially place you in the highest academic echelon, no matter where you go in life.

16 Tips to Survive Accountant Busy Season

It’s crunch time for accounting professionals and accounting firms all over the country as people rush to them to get their taxes done. Tax time is the busy season accounting professionals likely dread the most.